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Look inside my NEW non-fiction book...

This is the website of Brett Hetherington:
a writer and teacher  living in Catalonia, northern Spain.

He is the author of “The Remade Parent,” a non-fiction book available by clicking on the image on the right.

Brett is represented by the Antonia Kerrigan Literary Agency in Barcelona.




InTransit is a site that has English translations of opinion pieces that have appeared in the Catalan-speaking press or Spanish press.

It's worth reading or even subscribing to their e-newsletter.

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The 500 year-old voice

When French songwriter/musician Luc Arbogast sings it is as if you are listening to a voice from Europe's Middle Ages.

This video is of "Sefardic Song."

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"Gay cure" author's books for sale in Spain


Some of the largest booksellers in Spain – Amazon, El Corte Inglés and La Casa del Libro – have started selling a dangerous book that teaches parents to "fix" their gay kids. The author – an American doctor famous for promoting "gay cure" therapies globally – is in Spain for the launch right now

He's spreading dangerous "treatments" that could push so many LGBT young people to self-destructive behaviour and even suicide.

Both national stores have policies that prohibit products promoting discrimination. Sign [this petition] now to ask Amazon, El Corte Inglés and La Casa del Libro to take off their shelves any harmful books that try to "cure" people of being gay. Together we can save thousands of lives and send a strong message to anti-gay groups who are trying to impose "gay cures" in Spain.


Campaign held in partnership with Spanish organization COLEGAS."


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"One of every 10 euros spent on healthcare in the EU is for treating depression"

Here is another logical consequence of recent economic and political decisions...

"The increase in cases of depression in recent years is caused by the economic crisis and the associated problems of unemployment, among others..."

Source (in Castellano) here

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"Jewish community to file complaint after anti-Semitic tweets posted from Spain"

"The Jewish community in...Catalonia has taken action over anti-Semitic messages posted on social networking sites after Israeli basketball team Maccabi Tel Aviv beat Real Madrid to win the Euroleague title on Sunday.

After the game in Tel Aviv was over, nearly 18,000 offensive messages appeared on Twitter, according to Jewish associations, which have announced they are planning to file a complaint with the state attorney on Tuesday. According to sources from the Jewish community, the complaint will include tweets from five users of the micro-blogging site – along with their full names – which, the complainants will argue, constitute incitement of hatred against Jews."

Read more from El Pais [in English]


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