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This is the website of Brett Hetherington:
a writer and teacher  living in Catalonia, northern Spain.

He is the author of “The Remade Parent,” a non-fiction book available by clicking on the image on the right.

Brett is represented by the Antonia Kerrigan Literary Agency in Barcelona.



Video: Naomi Klein launches her new book in Barcelona

Canadian journalist and activist Naomi Klein this week launched presented her new book, "This Changes Everything, Capitalism vs. The Climate" at the Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona (CCCB).

In this video (with Catalan subtitles) Klein links the idea of political independence with more a independent energy policy.

She was my first journalistic interview in 2000 at the time her excellent first book "No Logo" came out and (even over the telephone) was one of the nicest people I've ever talked to.

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Video: "Seeking ‘Brave Journalists’ in Spain to investigate the TTIP Trade Agreement"

 "The main concerns for groups that oppose the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)  between Europe and North America are the lack of transparency and the way in which the agreement will affect the communities involved.   

In Madrid, Spain, the Asamblea Popular de Tres Cantos (Tres Cantos Popular Assembly), a community activist group that is well known for its participation in protests against the economic crisis, is “seeking brave journalists” as part of an appeal to the media to investigate the treaty.   

In the video published on the organization's blog and various social networks, members of the assembly appear with photographs of employees from Spain's large media organizations, which have largely ignored the treaty in their coverage, and offer them a challenge."


More from Global Voices Online source article here.

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Homage to George Orwell: free lecture in Barcelona


Michael Shelden, a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his biography of George Orwell, is holding a conference about the author on Wednesday the 18th of March at 7.30pm at the Institute of North American studies, Via Augusta 123 in Barcelona.

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"320,000 Catalans receiving food aid due to rise in “poor workers” "

"The real scope of the work being done by social institutions in a matter as basic as covering the food requirements of poor families is reaching scandalous figures: over 320,000 people are currently receiving food aid in Catalonia.

The report...presented the Catalan Red Cross Dignif[ies] and defend[s] the right to food. [It] highlights elements that suggest these needs are not going to diminish any time in the near future, such as the increase in “poor workers” - earning wages that do not allow them to meet their basic needs - increasingly more chronic poverty and growing inequality.

Given this scenario, social organizations are committed to working on two areas: first, the dignifying of the system when providing aid, and second, providing people with full care, that is, not only food but also support in housing, hygiene and school materials, as well as training and employability guidelines for finding work.

Last year, the four food banks in Catalonia distributed nearly 22.4 million kilos of food to a total of 260,497 people. All this while every year 262,471 tonnes of food are wasted in homes, shops and restaurants."

[Sònia Pau - Source: Catalonia Today news.]


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"Spanish television’s clap trap"

One of the most sad and disturbing stories that I've read about the effects of Spain's economic crisis on ordinary people.

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